My relocations and my longing for the house that I can no longer call home, has influenced my work. The horizons, in their stillness, become an image of light and strength with their quietness symbolizing the future and hope. Past experiences, one building upon the other like the layers of the earth. Using a textured technique, the earthlayers begin to deepen by triggering fantasies about the mystery of our earth.


In contrast, the water represents the force of living. Each boat floating upon its surface is a symbolic representation of a person, family or group of people. The ongoing rhythm of the water and the dynamic power of the sea seem to propel the journey through the sea. Sometimes it is too fast or rough, other times it may seem too smooth or wild but each one is sailing under the colorful canopy of the sky into an endless liberty all their own.


The Abstract Collection explores the intrinsic ability of our human hands and mind, the creativity that ancient humanity has had in the past and can still express in our modern, technology saturated world. Layers of intuitive, freeform scribbling are incorporated with a textured base of ancient Native American symbols (also known as the “first writings”) in a contemporary design.