Whether I walk, ride, fitness or travel, I find creative inspiration all around me. The moment I am seeing, I am painting and gathering ideas and materials for my creative vision on canvas.

I take the entire idea into my studio, complete with shifting shapes and colors, shapes, elements, lines and texture, and translate it, with feeling and emotions, over time onto canvas. At this point it is as if the thin line between my art and myself is being erased as I paint. The passion, love and magic take over as I continuously look for the extraordinary in the ordinary. 

I usually work on several paintings, up to five or six, simultaneously. Determining when a painting is complete is a crucial and difficult step in my process. I always allow at least a day to pass in order to look at it with fresh eyes and make the final decision that it is finished.

Through my work, I particularly enjoy exploring and experimenting with a variety of materials and techniques. I feel that by limiting myself to one particular technique and subject matter prevents me from completely exploring new artistic possibilities. This exploration is what enables me to continue to keep on growing as an artist and to keep my work fresh and exciting.