Crossroads in our Life

Painting 'Crossroads' by Grace Ashruf.  Size 110x100cm

Painting 'Crossroads' by Grace Ashruf.

Size 110x100cm

In attached painting, titled ‘Crossroad’ , I push the concept of landscape even further towards abstraction. Viewed one way, the painting is a graphic, geometric abstraction of crossing lines and rich color. Through another view, hints of a city skyline at the top create a flattened landscape perspective; the lines become roads, a map seen from above. Use of text and letters reference many of the ‘crossroads’ that one encounters throughout life, both the physical crossroads of the land and the emotional crossroads in our minds. My textural painting techniques often evoke a feeling of ‘land,’ the surfaces and layers of the earth. The moody color palette puts the viewer in a thoughtful, introspective mood that allows them to contemplate their own ‘crossroads’. The painting evokes complex feelings, exploring the moment when we don’t yet know which way to choose or which direction to go, a time that is filled with both anxiety and excitement for the future.