I have received a sad email from a UK collector that one of my paintings,was stolen from him. This painting ‘Passage’ (2004) was stolen out of his house in Aruba (Area Noord). Please contact me and/or the police if you have seen this painting somewhere in Aruba.

About this painting ‘Passage’
We are always on a path, no matter where we are in life. Moving along these passageways, we come to crossroads and moments of decision. In this highly textured painting, I was depicting the feeling of these passages through life, on the land and in our psyche. Thick red and yellow tones evoke similar feelings in the viewer of the emotional aspects of these life experiences. Strong brushstrokes, layers, and depth create the image of passageways on the earth, the geography could be natural or manmade. The strong textural elements create light and shadow on the surface of the painting. As in many of my paintings, markings upon the earth are explored as visual metaphors of human emotion and rites of passage.


      by Grace Ashruf